Spiritual Connection and Enlightenment

You’ve probably been searching for years…

… for answers to some of your most perplexing questions.

Have you heard others describe their amazing spiritual realizations… and then you wonder why you haven’t?

Have you asked yourself why spiritual breakthroughs continue to elude you?

Do you think you may have been somewhat enlightened at one time… but it somehow faded over time… and now you wonder why?

Maybe you’re wondering if you’re different from those who seem especially gifted?

But despite all these questions, you instinctively know there has to be a way to find and maintain your spiritual realizations. Just because it seems rare doesn’t mean it can’t happen for you.

I assure you that it can … you just need to learn how.

Let’s talk more about “enlightenment”…

It’s also called “being awake,” “the natural state,” “self-realization,” “oneness,” “ascension,” “God-realization,” and “non-duality.”

Enlightenment is a soul-integrated consciousness where you experience deep peace and freedom. In this state, you’re liberated from the struggles of your past and live with a sense of empowerment, expansion, and quiet awareness.

Your true self or soul is already fully enlightened; it’s the real you under the cloak of your many personality traits. Your soul is what lives at your core, and it’s a wonderful, loving, and radiant presence. It is composed of light-infused consciousness and has a deep, beautiful nature of love.

Your spiritual goal is to bring all this to the surface and integrate it into your everyday life. I call this process “Soul Merging.”

Here are just a few of the practical daily experiences the soul offers you…

More freedom…

Picture how your life will be as you let go and open your heart to your soul. You will feel a loving presence emerge. You’ll feel like a weight has been lifted from you you.

More happiness…

Imagine the relief you’ll feel when you find out how to release guilt, anger, fear, depression, or any other block that has stood between you and harmonious living.

More abundance…

You can look forward to your luck turning around when you live in the clarity and peace of your soul. Obstacles clear before you, and you naturally attract the right people and opportunities. Your life will automatically begin to flow with greater ease.

More love…

As you open your heart to deep soul love, you’ll find yourself freed from the judgments and limiting beliefs of the ego-mind. Once you release old patterns, you’ll discover a new way of living that aligns with the love and guidance of your soul.

More peace…

Deep peace of mind awaits you as you discover and let go of everything blocking you. That deep peace will permeate your everyday life, regardless of external circumstances. Surrendering is the key that allows peace to rule your heart—no matter what challenges arise.

When your soul integrates into your awareness…

You’ll experience life in a beautifully elevated state – one that’s peaceful, pleasurable, blissful, spacious, expanded, loving, quiet, and radiant. The open-hearted lightness of being will become your everyday experience.

There are definite methods to arriving at this advanced spiritual level of living, and I can help facilitate this for you through a combination of healing tools.

These techniques will not only clear your issues, but they’ll also transform your consciousness… all guided by the ultimate goal of leading you to your conscious ascension and enlightenment.

Unfortunately, not many people experience their true self or soul.

That’s because another aspect of our personality, the ego, monopolizes our attention with its many emotions, judgments, and reactions. This is the “false self” and usually lives with pain, struggle, and suffering. This is NOT who you are.

The ego is a complex system of defense mechanisms that most people use to navigate life’s challenges and cope with separation from their spiritual nature. The ego uses emotional reactions like anger, guilt, worry, anxiety, depression, helplessness, and victimization… as well as mental patterns like intolerance, arrogance, and stubbornness. In addition, the ego-driven mind likes to judge, criticize, and blame to defend itself – to keep from feeling the pain of insecurity and separation from the soul.

Fear is behind everything that motivates the ego, so most of its reactions and impulses are “designed” to keep you from danger. That might sound like a good thing, except most people are driven by fears that have no real basis. Furthermore, by holding onto fears, you generate energies that work to attract the very things that you fear.

When you are free of fear and connected with your soul, you are much better able to deal with all of life, including anything that may appear to be threatening. Although, once you are clear, those circumstances rarely come up.

If fear is your biggest obstacle, then you have a choice to make…

Each day, you can choose between an ego-controlled life and an enlightened life.

But your choice is hampered by the strength of the ego and its embedded programs. These are held in subtle energy patterns you carry with you.

Known as “thoughtforms,” they are composed of three elements:

  1. Memories, including pictures of events from your past.
  2. Emotional reactions to what you observed and experienced.
  3. Conclusions and beliefs you created as a result of your experiences.

The thoughtforms then work like programs running your life, most of which transpires beyond your conscious awareness. They are stored in your subconscious mind and numerous other places like your aura layers, chakras, lifestream, causal body, and belief universe, ancestral and cellular memories, pain body, sub-personalities, DNA, subtle energy codes, karma, and past-life carry-over patterns, brain-imprint structures, and archetypes.

Because the patterns affecting you can be in any or all of these places…

Conventional therapy, self-hypnosis, and many self-help and meditation practices are limited, so they’re not fully effective.

They are insufficient for the breakthroughs you need for mastery and enlightenment.

Of course, they can be beneficial in laying a solid foundation, but they usually don’t go far enough, and that is precisely why most people fail to achieve the lasting results they want.

Deeply held programs and beliefs are difficult to discover on your own.

I can help you with this because I utilize high-sense psychic abilities to help discover the blocking patterns and clear them.

My higher-sense skills enable me to tap into and permanently help you: (LIST)

Release past life memories and patterns,

Clear deeply ingrained wounds held in the chakras,

Cancel karmic contracts in your causal body,

Dissolve negative ancestral programs,

Eliminate adverse cellular memories,

Purge negative programming from your subconscious,

Terminate repeating patterns such as being victimized, and…

Erase dreaded wounds and betrayals from many lifetimes.

When people ask me about becoming enlightened…

I tell them they’ll automatically find it if they can clear their ego-created obstacles standing in the way.

When you remove all of what is not your soul, what is left is the truth of who and what you are. Your already enlightened true self or soul comes to the surface, your mind quiets, and your perceptions become clear. You emerge as a being of love, beauty, harmony, inner strength, peace, gentleness, and happiness.

The clearer you become, the more negative experiences will fade away. Your health will improve, wonderful synchronicities will unfold, and accidents will rarely happen.

When you clear your negative programming, you’ll enjoy “universal harmony,” and you’ll stop attracting negative experiences. The techniques I have refined cut through the many mysteries and accelerate your ascension of consciousness.

As you become clearer, you’ll merge into a peaceful and beautiful way of life, and you’ll be prepared to enter into the higher states of consciousness until complete clarity, enlightenment, and non-duality is attained and sustained.

Are you ready to get started?

Now, trust your heart, and make the decision to join me for a series of sessions. Don’t miss out on this life-changing experience for yourself. Join me in opening your heart to your soul and transforming your life.

No matter what area you want to improve or expand, you won’t be able to do it by carrying the baggage of negative programs from your past. This is your opportunity to leave your past behind and start your life anew with a clean slate.

I’ve facilitated this process thousands of times in my private sessions, and I can help you with this. I can help you with all of this over the phone, so contact me and let’s talk about how we can best work together.

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