Healing Emotional Wounds

It may have roots in your past, but you can change it all now!

It seemed like a normal day…

… until someone confronted, blamed, or criticized you for something. You were feeling pretty good before this happened, but now you’re an angry, emotional wreck.

Maybe you were under stress when you got caught up in this embarrassing emotional whirlwind.

You wonder…

Why do I keep reacting like that?

Why do my reactions pop up unexpectedly without warning?

Why do I get so discouraged, always feeling blocked from reaching my dreams?

You’re not alone in this…

Practically everyone gets upset and then struggles to figure out why or what to do next. These are concerns people tell me about all the time.

It can make you feel hopeless! I know you’ve been through a lot already… and you’ve probably become disheartened trying to find solutions that work.

But I have good news for you: There is a way through, and you don’t have to be alone as you figure it out.

You were designed for more than just repeating your past!

First of all, no matter how bleak things may look, they are not your fault.

You see… everything you know and experience is rooted in how you were treated and what you experienced in your past. Here’s how this happened:

Just think of the many times you were disappointed, afraid, hurt, angered, guilty, or betrayed. Maybe you were scolded and abused growing up, or embarrassed in school, or rejected in a relationship, or weren’t good enough to make the team or get hired for the job you wanted. Perhaps you even failed at something that meant a lot to you.

These experiences shaped your worldview and your self-image. Then, your conclusions about these experiences submerged into your unconscious, where they worked like programs on autopilot controlling your life.

Walking you step-by-step through this confusing landscape…

Let me guide you through these seemingly uncontrollable emotional outbreaks. Let me show you how to break free from the limiting and destructive patterns and obstacles you face because of your past struggles.

My vision has always been to empower people to experience freedom from past constraints, limiting beliefs, and painful emotions.

This is what I do every week, supporting people by plumbing their emotional depths and connecting them with the core of their higher self so they can heal, realize their potential, and fulfill their purpose.

This is what I want for you…

I want you to clear away the hurdles, emotional reactions, and unconscious blocks that keep you from achieving what I know you can.

And here’s the best part: You can do all this from the comfort and privacy of your own home!

Let’s work together to make sense of what you are facing and clear your path ahead.

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