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Your Spiritual Journey Has Stalled Out

Watching other people have incredible spiritual breakthroughs, but somehow you don’t.

You’ve tried many paths that promised lasting breakthroughs only to end up discouraged.

The path to spiritual mastery, enlightenment, and ascension has been a wearying journey.

Though you continue to search, it’s getting harder to face the disappointments.

Unconscious Obstacles Have Held You Back for Too Long

Even though you’ve been faithfully following a meditative practice for years, you haven’t attained the level of consciousness you’re seeking.

You know there must be a reason for this stagnation, but it’s so hard to find where your blind spots are.

Seminars, workshops, and retreats have cost you more money than you’d care to admit, but once you return to your life, the same painful patterns regain hold of you. Do you know why?

You Can Reach Enlightened Realizations That Eluded You

What you may not realize is that the source of your blocks lie in programs housed in ego identities.

Everybody has them, and they are the source of problems, but they are elusive and difficult to clear on your own.

The ego consists of subtle-energy patterns that house your ancestral energies, negative karma, past life programs, inner child issues, negative beliefs, and emotional programs in your aura, chakras, and subconscious.

This is what is blocking your efforts to have lasting spiritual breakthroughs.

How I Can Help You Reclaim Your Spiritual Life

Through thousands of private sessions, workshops, retreats, and classes, I’ve helped many have the breakthroughs they have been seeking for a lifetime.

I’m here to help you with sessions that go well beyond talk therapy to free you and create noticeable shifts in your consciousness.

The process I use is similar to meditating with you over the phone as I utilize my higher sense perceptions to help you shift your consciousness.

This process is the missing key from most clearing and healing modalities, but it is what insures your results are permanent.

I am not only able to help you remove your obstacles, but also assist you in reaching higher levels of consciousness as you progress along your spiritual path.

Now is the time to reclaim your true purpose.

If you are seeking ascension and enlightenment, I can help you.

The spiritual discoveries you’ve been seeking are closer than you think.

Let’s work together to make sense of what you are facing and clear your path ahead.

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